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I have always been fascinated with how to build collaboration in and across organizations. I developed this interest in my first career as a management labor attorney. Even in my attorney role, I was able to help labor and management explore collaborative vehicles in addition to the more confrontational approaches. Recognizing that there were other non-legal bodies of knowledge that could be helpful, I joined a post-graduate program at the School of Management at Boston University focusing on organization development and Human Resource Management. This led to my teaching at the Management School and also to my growing interest in different approaches to group dynamics.

I started consulting to clients by taking a participative approach to quality of worklife issues. Following this, I worked with the next generation of collaborative and self-management approaches which was Socio-Technical Systems (STS) analysis and redesign.

I utilized this socio-technical approach on a corporate level at Polaroid Corporation, on a large, nation-wide scale with the Internal Revenue Service, and then on a national level with the Government and Ministries of Tanzania. In Tanzania, I utilized large group approaches and had many people from different sectors of the economy and from across the country working together in redesigning government processes.

Along the way I also helped design and deliver collaborative skill training and helped train self-managing teams at Domtar Gypsum. These teams were the product of a socio-technical design.

Much of my work has involved the implementation of new generations of technology as for example the introduction of CIM technology at Polaroid, scanning and imaging technology at the IRS and Field Of The Future digital technology at British Petroleum. I learned to be comfortable with reading documents on computer architecture. My IT background was also furthered by my work in the R&D Division at Wang Labs.

I worked with the CIO and Senior Staff of the Coast Guard and helped them develop a strategic IT plan for the Coast Guard. At the Department of Energy, I facilitated a working partnership between managers and providers at nuclear sites.

My work in Tanzania whetted my appetite for approaching collaboration on a global scale, so I decided to spend some time in Israel where I worked to build collaboration in joint Israeli-Palestinian organizations. This was at a time when there was hope and a sense of possibility in this area.

Over the years, I have also utilized the approaches of Chris Argyris and Peter Senge, particularly Dialogue, as another means of building collaboration and collective intelligence in groups.

In addition to my particular focus on collaboration, I have continued to work with a variety of organizations to help them improve how people generally work together.

More recently, I have been doing research and writing in the area of Knowledge Management. I have been quite delighted with a workshop that I developed and designed on cross-cultural knowledge management that I have been delivering to the U.S. Intelligence Community. This workshop focuses on both the transfer and absorption of knowledge. The workshop has had a very positive impact on people who have attended it. The workshop furthers the goal of cross-agency collaboration recommended in the 9/11 Report.

In all of my work over the years, I have endeavored to help the people with whom I have worked to recognize and move toward their potential as individuals and as members of an organization. I believe that the more that each of us can bring of ourselves to our professional and personal endeavors, the more satisfied we will be and the greater benefit that will accrue to the organization. In my knowledge management workshop, I use music as one form of knowledge. We experience together what we as humans do to absorb or not absorb the different kinds of musical knowledge. As an ongoing effort to continue this experience on this blog, I will be covering music, books, and photography which are forms of knowledge with which I am continually engaged. I will also be talking about the Red Sox not because of any great theoretical reason, but because they are the neighborhood team.


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