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Purpose of This Site

The purpose of this site is to support the creation of visions of sustainability by visitors to this site. In the process of doing so, the hope is to help facilitate conversations among visitors to this site and their friends, family, co-workers or members of their communities. This site will provide some helpful guidance as to how to go about creating a powerful vision of sustainability.

If you submit your vision to this Earth Project blog in the form of a comment, I will post it on this blog.



The Earth Project Evolving Vision


To change the landscape of our individual and collective lives and of our various communities to one in which we are flourishing because of our increasing eco-consciousness and actions.


Imagine sitting in a pleasant room or a garden under a tree or visiting a welcoming place on the Internet where friends - old and new pull up a chair or a cushion and join in a conversation. Our conversation will sometimes be painful as we share what we see happening to our Earthly environment and sometimes joyful as we reach out to one another in compassion and friendship seeking a collective path forward. We have found a way to join with one another in this conversation whether in person or on the Internet.

We are talking about important issues, sharing insights, welcoming the perspective of others. We reach out to bring others into our circle, people with whom we have much in common and people with whom we have little in common beyond a desire to respond to the Climate Emergency facing all of us.

We can smell the aromas from the diversity of foods that we bring from our different cultures to share with others in the room. As we drink different types of coffees and teas, we learn about the cultures they are from.

We each experience the thrill of learning from one another from our vast collective knowledge and from the ideas that only diverse perspectives can produce. Our satisfaction is obvious as we reach a new, deeper understanding of the economic and political forces, of old habits, of media enticements that hinder us from leading the kind of flourishing lives we deeply desire.

We celebrate when each of us finds their voice of passion and commitment and begins to share it with us and with others in our many communities. With these voices we express a vision for a flourishing life that we aspire to in a world of reduced carbon-based energy and waste.

There is a sense of exaltation and satisfaction as we begin reporting back on changes from our personal lives, from our workplaces and from our communities that we have helped implement as a response to the Climate Emergency. We speak of the new changes in the economic, political and media landscape that have resulted from our actions. We celebrate the actions that have been taken to safeguard and regenerate our environment and its many species. We are enthusiastic about creating a world where all can flourish.

We have much work yet to do together as we enlist others to preserve a flourishing life for human kind and other species on this Planet Earth.