Inviting Someone Into a Conversation on Climate Change
Stepping Back Into The Future

"Dare to dream in public."

This week there was an event in New York City, "The Right To A Future" at which Naomi Klein, well-regarded author of books dealing with the economy and climate, and Greta Thunberg spoke. They were joined by a number of other climate activists from indigenous societies who also spoke. This is a lead up to the upcoming UN Climate summit and the global strike for climate on September 20.

Among the important comments from this event was something that Naomi Klein said. It was "Dare to dream in public."

A theme of the early part of this event was the young climate activists sharing their dreams for 2029. In addition there was a short video by U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez which focused on her vision for the Green New Deal.

In one of the more poignant moments Greta shared the impact of her Asperger's diagnosis on her approach to activism. Naomi Klein commented that folks with a more "normal" neurological profile don't focus the same way and are more susceptible to doing what their peers do. Thus, though both Greta and other people may initially have the same reaction to the Amazon burning or the loss of species, Greta will focus steadfastly on these issues while others will get distracted by other events in life or the business-as-usual approach of their peers which has the result of normalizing this lack of continuing attention.

This brings me to the question of what will it take for the rest of us to be able to "dare to dream in public" which is a challenge posed by this entire blog site. What will it take for us not to get distracted by the many other issues and challenges that we face, by technology, by life-goes-on issues? What will it take for us to stop for a moment and to "dare to dream in public" as the young activists demonstrated.

The learning from this event is that we "need to confront the truth of our moment in history." We need to "dream a different kind of world and future." We each need to choose our path, pick a side, find our fight, find our fire. Because, as was pointed out at this event "protecting the future is not a spectator sport."




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