Assemble in a Workshop to Develop a Vision
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Translate Your Vision To A Plan

Moving from Vision to Plan

Now that you have develped a vision, it is time to translate your vision into a concrete plan. You may have already found that you have already begun to live your vision. This is one of the advantages of having a vision. The act of developing a vision helps to build it into your life quite naturally. Now you will be moving further along the path to implementing your vision. You may be doing this based on an individual vision or a collective vision with friends, co-workers or members of your community.

Developing a Plan

With regard to developing a plan, I have found that offers a good deal of help in this regard. It also provides a place for you to publish your plan with some useful graphics. This can be of value to you as you keep a record of the plan and make changes as time goes on. It can also be of value to others who are involved in developing a plan. I know that I have benefited from looking at the plans of others posted on In fact, the plan for Project Earth was published on the site. Other plans and their descriptions can also be found on Oneplanet's parent site, Bioregional.

The site will first ask you whether you want to set up a plan for an Organization plan, an Area-wide plan or a Project plan. I opted to use the Project Plan for the Earth Project. You can also invite people to become members in the development of this plan. (You will have to consult with in terms of whether this is a free or a paid functionality.) The Oneplanet format allows you to develop Outcomes, Actions and Indicators and to create links between them. I use the links to both illustrate the relational connection among members as well as the logical connections among different aspects of the plan. This can be illustrated graphically or set out as a pdf written document. A way of viewing all of this as a table is also available. The entire approach on allows you to color code any of these elements based on one of the Ten Principles of One Planet Living if you so desire.

Helpful Resources

If you have registered with as a user, you can log in and access detailed planning documents such as "Implementing One Planet Living," and "One Planet Goals and Guidance for Communities and Destinations." I found the later document particularly helpful. It has a good deal of detail on the Ten Principles of One Planet Living. For each principle, it provides a description and examples of related goals, key performance indicators (KPI), indicators and possible targets.

Holding a Planning Workshop

A collective plan is best developed at a facilitated workshop where the relevant stakeholders can be involved. Goals and outcomes can be established. Activities determined. Roles can be established in terms of who will be responsible for which goal or activity. Timelines will be set out. You will determine how you will learn and adapt based on feedback that you receive along the way. As important as anything else, at a workshop you will continue to build the trust and the network needed for successful implementation.





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