Stories of success

Telling Your Story of Success

When you have made some discernable progress in implementing your plan and have had enriching experiences along the way, it is timely to start telling your story. This is a way for you to begin to capture the learnings that go along with your experiences. It is a way for you to celebrate and engage others in the celebration. It is also a way for you to highlight what you still want to continue focusing upon. It is certainly a means of inspiring others who are involved in their own journey.

People tell their stories in different ways. Some tell simple stories relating in a personal, emotional way their journey to living out their vision. Some tell their stories through pictures of scenes or of the people involved. Others have elaborate brochures with pictures, tables of data and verbal descriptions. I have seen stories along this entire range posted on the site in the context of a published plan. In addition to what you may set out on that site, you are welcome to post your story on this site. Send it in as a comment and I will post it.